The Virtual Rave


Northern Nights 2017

High in the Emerald Triangle on a glimmering river is a festival more chill than any other… Northern Nights features groovy electronic, yoga in the redwoods, and floaties galore.

This year we explored the festival with up and coming electronic producer Imagined Herbal Flows, a pretty chill dude himself!

¡Viva La Evolución! 

a Virtual Reality experience by Fifer Garbesi and VR Playhouse



As American culture streams into Cuba for the first time in 50 years, DJ Joyvan Guevara struggles between the new opportunity for global success and responsibility to the culture he helped build in the face of commercialization.


World VR Forum (May 13, 2017)


Cannes NEXT (May 21, 2017)









“You’re sitting on the floor of a cramped loft in Havana, Cuba. The sun streams through a window overlooking a market, and the sounds of chickens clucking and people bartering filters in softly from outside. Inside, it’s a makeshift recording studio complete with turntables, mixers and crates of vintage dance vinyls. Your journey into Cuba’s electronic music underground – a creative retaliation against this country’s isolationism – begins here.

You are soon joined by the godfather of Cuban electronic music, Joyvan Guevara. Guevara keeps the spirit of free parties alive in Cuba, and tonight, he has planned a massive rave. There, you’ll dance ’til dawn as you experience the incredible story of a people perched on the brink of a global culture and the artists leading the way.”

Watch the trailer on Youtube for Gear VR or Cardboard.



WLRN Radio

Mandt VR 


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 Flying High Over Symbiosis

We commemorate Symbiosis’ last year at Woodward, flying high over the festival in this 360 video. Co-Organizer Kevin Kochen narrates the experience and gives a sneak peak into the magic of next year’s event in Oregon. Check it out in Gear VR or Google Cardboard for a fully immersive experience.


Liquid Stranger at Organic Fest

My friend and fellow virtual reality enthusiast, Liquid Stranger, finally came to play in Northern California. I met him at Big Dub 2015 where we talked about sacrificing virgins and I first tried on a Subpac. We spoke of the future and I told him about my dreams of creating The Virtual Rave.

It was an honor shooting his set in 360, here’s a little peak at the magic he produces…


Giorgio Moroder at The Midway

“Back Swing” by The Human Experience

I worked with David Block of The Human Experience to create this intimate VR experience. This is ‘Back Swing’ off his new EP ‘Gone Gone Beyond’. I hope you love it.


Bicycle Day with Alex Grey

“To me, LSD is a miracle,” American visionary artist Alex Grey shared with
the eager crowd gathered at 1015 Folsom to celebrate Bicycle Day, the anniversary of the fateful day in 1938 when chemist Albert Hofmann became the first human to come in contact with acid in his lab and had a very trippy bicycle ride home. The Human Experience – David BlockMichal MenertRuss Liquid, and GAUDI provided the sound track to this psychedelic evening.



ZeroDB Silent Disco Takes Over Bart


Crystal Method’s Retirement Party

Bay Area party impresarios Opulent Temple – catering the hottest dance floors on and off the playa – just celebrated their 16th Anniversary this Saturday at Public Works. For this grand occasion, it was only right to bring The Crystal Method up from LA to destroy the dance floor. But this wasn’t just any soul-shattering, booty-poppin set from the rocktronica duo. It was their final show. Yup, you read that right. The Crystal Method just played their retirement party. And boy was it lit.

Scott Kirkland pulled his headphone band down over his eyes as he spun, looking like he stepped straight out of the Matrix. Without even being able to see the turntable, he played a tighter set than 90% of the DJs I’ve seen, glitchy and perfectly timed. Then Ken Jordan would swoop in and take the groove to a whole new level.

Singing along to their favorite rock classics like New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’, the boys were having just as much fun as the club goers. Their enthusiasm was infectious and every single person in that room was getting down.<h2 style=